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Diary: week 4

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This week’s lab was incredibly exciting! I felt I had a much better idea of what my role was in the flow of material and how to use more of the tools provided for us.

After coming into the INF, I completed the second edit on a story Dana was finishing up and got it ready for posting. Then, Mina got me up to speed with story Christina pitched about the federal phone unlocking law. Together, with Dana, we learned how to use the audio equipment and decided what our plan of attack would be. Dana decided she would take over the first few calls before her shift ended, and then give them my name as a possible contact if they needed to call back.

While she worked on calls, I did the second edits on “In The News,” but it looks like the ‘article’ was pulled from the WUFT site.  However, I did have some questions on what is okay with these pieces. What i’ve seen so far are people just copy-pasting the ledes from the outside stories and calling it a day. This seems a little funny to me, but after Ethan and I talked about it for a bit, we decided to leave it was for now. What’re your thoughts?

While I was working on”In The News,” I got a callback from one of Dana’s sources! Using the equipment was a little hard, but it was great to interview someone using the microphone and recording program. I’m pretty sure I royally screwed up and didn’t record the first half of the interview, but I did get a decent amount of audio. I don’t think the story made it any further, but I can’t wait to suggest a story of my own. I would really love to watch a story evolve from an idea, to a pitch, to a multimedia story.

Apart from that, I did four other second edits. The LifeSouth piece was easy enough, but I couldn’t get a clear-cut rule on how to deal with the grammar behind blood types, and AP wasn’t very helpful. The story about Qualifying week was also fairly easy, but it had a lot of government jargon in it that was hard to break down into simple terms. Similarly, the Marion County Shooting story also had a lot of jargon before I did the second edit. Unfortunately, that was probably the easiest thing to fix, but we’ve already discussed why that story was troublesome in class.


Other than that, this week was great! Can’t wait for next week.


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Written by chloeoliveras

February 1, 2013 at 6:32 am

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    IT DON’T AGREE: Low housing interest rates in Gainesville creates more sales RATES CREATES ?
    BE A BIT MORE ARTFUL IN CITING SOURCES: The Wall Street Journal wrote housing prices are stabilizing, but mortgage rates are remaining low. JOURNAL REPORTED TUESDAY OR WHATEVER DAY THAT ….
    This story appears to be citing a WSJ story from June. Check out the date of story linked.
    The Wall Street Journal wrote housing prices are stabilizing, but mortgage rates are remaining low.
    LifeSouth in need of blood type O-negative
    From AP’s ask the editor online:
    Q. What is the style with blood types? Type O Negative%3B type O Negative%3B type O negative%3B or with a hyphen between O and negative (type O-Negative) in whatever form of capitalization is correct. – on Sat, Sep 15, 2007
    A. Type A, Type B, Type AB, Type O … also, Type 0-positive, Type O-negative.
    About eight percent of Caucasians, four percent of African-Americans, four percent of Hispanics and one percent of Asians are O-negative.
    AP STYLE ON PERCENT: Use figures for percent and percentages: 1 percent, 2.5 percent (use decimals, not fractions), 10 percent, 4 percentage points.
    ONLY 110-POUNDERS NEED APPLY: Donors must be at least 17 years old, or 16 with a parent’s permission, weigh 110 pounds and be in good health.
    Qualifying week begins for Gainesville elections
    NO COMMA BECAUSE: Carpenter said this rule has exceptions, because the commission reallocated district boundaries for single member districts in December.

    Ronald R. Rodgers

    February 2, 2013 at 12:58 am

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